Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Freddie Dali probably has one…


At the request of his friend Marcel Duchamp, Salvador Dali created this chess set in 1964 for the American Chess Federation. All of the pieces of the set were modeled after Dali’s fingers except the two Queens which used one of Dali’s wife’s fingers crowned with a tooth and the rooks which were modeled after the salt cellars of the Hotel Saint Regis in New York. Of the thirty two pieces, sixteen are sterling silver and sixteen are silver gilt. The set is currently at the AGO. Go and dig it!

Also if you are into digging things dig this. and if you don’t dig this you probably don’t dig digging stuff because i dig this and think it is the most diggable thing i may have ever seen…

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David Altmejd  The Index (2007)

Steel, foam, wood, glass, mirror, Plexiglas, lighting system, silicone, resin, taxidermy birds and animals, synthetic plants, synthetic tree branches, bronze, fiberglass, paint, burlap, leather, pinecones, horse hair, synthetic hair, chains, wire, feathers, quartz, pyrite, other minerals, glass eyes, clothing, shoes, jewelry, beads, monofilament, glitter

h: 131 x w: 510.5 x d: 363.2 in / h: 332.7 x w: 1296.7 x d: 922.5 cm

Photo’s could not capture this piece. If you are in Toronto go see this

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